• Released: May 29, 2012

Calling all Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering players! Here is the ultimate in health tracking apps. Track the number of players that fit your game and set player names as needed. Several popular game variants are included! Use the built-in coin and dice for your gaming convenience.

Why you NEED this APP…

We know you want to focus on the game and your killer strategy…not keep track of the score. We know, cause we play too! We designed this app to help us specifically with our MtG and Yu-Gi-Oh competitions. For players, by players!

Design – Theme – Tone

Card Tracker features a traditional RPG design and enables players to quickly update their stats. The visual aesthetic should never detract from players’ ability to keep track of their game. Detailed design decisions, like a disabled screen lock that eliminates the need to constantly turn your screen on, means that the only thing players need is their deck and this app.

Screen Shots

Choose from popular game variants

Several MtG variants are included to support multiple styles of play.

Supports Multiple Players

Bring your friends along! Card Tracker supports up to eight players.

Dice AND Coin Included

Take advantage of modern technology. A six-sided die and coin means that you no longer need to carry them around.

Life AND Poison Tracking

Things can get fairly confusing with multiple players and multiple necessary counters. Card Tracker GREATLY simplifies this process.