Dots and Boxes - Dino Fury Edition

  • Released: June 16, 2013

Dots and Boxes: Dino Fury Edition recreates a classic pencil and paper game and adds a dino twist. Dots and Boxes: Dino Fury Edition challenges players to outmaneuver their opponents by creating more boxes on a grid, as well as capture dinosaurs inside these boxes. Gameplay supports two to four players!

It's dino-hunting time!

Millions of years ago in a long lost land, cavemen invented a game. This game became the thing to do while on dino-hunting break. They simply gathered some stones and tree stumps and were good to go. Eventually, the game evolved to the point where the cavemen created elaborate fields where they could play the game. At some point along the way several dinosaurs wandered onto a playing field, which gave the cavemen a crazy idea. "Let's try and capture some of these dinos while we play" they said. So lo and behold, the game evolved again and became even more fun due to the new layer of strategy that the dinos brought to the game. This is the game you now play.

Design - Theme - Tone

Dots and Boxes: Dino Fury Edition is set during the time of dinosaurs and cavemen, yet appears modern with a cartoony visual style. The visual style utilizes bright colors and seeks to capture the eyes of people that pass you on the street as you play. This game features quirky looking cavemen kids, cool-looking dinos, and pre-historic buildings and landmarks that communicate the era of when this game was first played.

Screen Shots

Multi-Player Modes

Enjoy playing Dots and Boxes - Dino Fury Edition with up to four people. Play with the classic rules or with the Dino Fury twist.

Dinos On The Prowl

Plan your strategy to capture those dinos and score major BONUS points. Each dino features unique AI as they stomp around the field.

Multiple Maps!

Compete on a variety of map sizes. Each map features a different layout for a fun and unique experience with each game.