npiSpaceApe - Save the Ape!

  • Released: Sep 10, 2012

Space Ape places players in the role of a highly-energized ape caught in a never-ending space journey. Players control Dmitri’s spacecraft and quickly dodge numerous space hazards like meteors, comets, and aliens! Space Ape challenges players to survive as long as possible while also collecting valuable space bananas.

The Story So Far...

Dmitri is a crazily energetic Russian ape. The Russian Cosmonauts of yore launched poor Dmitri into the vastness of space years ago. Now, it is the future, and mankind is finally able to recover his tragic video and witness Dmitri’s last moments before his inescapable demise. Little did we know that Dmitri discovered a resource so valuable that millions of worldwide players would measure their self-worth by it, for collecting enough of these resources would elevate their Game Center Rankings with awe-inspiring scores. The time has come for Dmitri to share his discovery…THE SPACE BANANA!

Design Theme and Tone

Space Ape takes place in a futuristic timeframe where mankind has been able to recover a video feed of a Russian Cosmonaut ape named Dmitri. Space Ape features a cartoony art style that feels humoristic in nature. Players enjoy exaggerated animations of Dmitri as he gets angry and excited while flying through space.

Colorful meteors, comets, aliens, and space bananas draw a player’s attention as they appear on-screen and stand out from the darker, duller background. Bright explosions quickly appear and fade on-screen whenever Dmitri collides with a space hazard. Players feel more and more excited as meteors and comets whiz by until everything is moving so fast that they are no longer able to survive.

Screen Shots

Fire Up!

Start with the sound ON or OFF to control your sound environment. Be sure and check out the Extras for our early protypes and designs!

Get Banana! Miss Rock!

Help Dmitri pick up the ultra-rare and hard to find space bananas, while dodging the sorts of obstacles one typically finds in space...

Get Game Over!

Log in to Game Center and track your results in the Score and Trophy sections! Post your awesome results on Facebook to make your less space-able friends jealous! What losers!