npiTapIt - Better be FAST!

  • Released: Jun 11, 2012

Tap the matching number or letter as fast as you can. As time passes, your score takes a hit, so make it quick! Added bonus: helps children learn their letters and numbers!

More than meets the eye!...

So you think you’re quick? Think all your years of playing video games and honing those hand-eye coordination skills have paid off? Try using those skills for a greater purpose…like achieving the #1 spot on our Global Leaderboards!

Tap It features some pretty advanced Einsteinian math that precisely calculates your final score. But don’t worry…all our number crunching occurs behind-the-scenes. This kind of power enables us to determine, down to a fraction of a second, who really earned that #1 spot. One wrong tap or the slightest hesitation is all it takes.

Design – Theme – Tone

Tap It challenges players to perform their best under pressure. The sounds, music, and running clock are all designed to heighten the pressure you feel to bring your ‘A’ game. Even the artistic design resembles a game show and promotes a competitive feeling.

Tap It supports the idea of fair play and an equal opportunity for everyone to really earn their rank on the global leaderboard. The buttons are easy to see and ultra-responsive so that players focus on lightning-fast tapping.

Screen Shots

Are you READY?!

Need to play quietly? Start with the sound ON or OFF. Login to Game Center and compete with the WORLD!

Tap! Tap! Tap! Ack!!

Time is against you! Tap CORRECTLY and GAIN points. Tap INCORRECTLY and LOSE points. Accuracy and Speed are the name of the game!

Check Your Global Rank

Login to Game Center to automatically post your highest score and earn a global rank. Don’t want to login to Game Center? No problem! We still calculate your final score so you can see how you would stack up…Chicken!